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Robert Pattinson Biography

A pretty face Ė not so uncommon; a pretty face bundled up with a lot of talent Ė then thatís a treasure. Robert Pattinson, born May 13, 1986, is an actor from London whose name has been dominating the news headlines these recent years. Getting his first big break as Cedric Diggory in the ever popular Harry Potter Series in the year 2003, Pattinson has been a mainstay in the limelight ever since. And, after his role as Edward in the movie Twilight last year, Robert has been blazing. He won the 2008 Best Actor Award at the Strasbourg for his astounding performance as the character Art in How to Be. He also received the 2008 New Hollywood Award, given by the Hollywood Film Festival Award Committee.

He is currently considered by Entertainment Tonight as the Top Hunk of 2008. Indeed, Robert is one of the most promising stars in the movie industry today. At the rate things are going for him now, itís almost guaranteed that heíll have one hell of a great career ahead of him. But how Robert got to where he is right now was no walk in the park. He went through his own ups and downs to get where he is.

Robert Pattinson, who?

Of course, before an actor becomes famous, he spends his life as a relative unknown. He lives a relatively simple life where no mobs await him asking for autographs, screaming his name, throwing him random undergarments. Itís life as usual, same as everyone else in the planet. It was the same for Robert Pattinson too. He led a normal life once. His mom worked as a model and his father was into importing vintage cars from the United States. Robert spent much of his time in an amateur theater, where he worked backstage before taking on an acting role.

Robert also got involved in modeling, although his career was short-lived. In 2004, he took on a role on the TV series, Ring of the Nibelungs, and was given a role for Vanity Fair, although his scene there was cut. It was only in the next ye, 2005, that he got his real break. Being cast as Cedric Diggory, the Hogwarts Heartthrob, turned him from a relative nobody to a big, huge, celebrity. All of a sudden, fan girls were screaming his name and fan sites were being made in his honor.

Post-Cedric Career

So being cast as Cedric practically jumpstarted Robert Pattinsonís trip to Stardom. Pretty soon, he was given another major role as Edward Cullen, the main male protagonist of the Twilight Series. Oh, it wasnít offered to him on a silver platter. He actually beat 3,000 more guys who auditioned for the role. Then, wanting to grow out of those "Popular School Hunk" Roles, he opted to play more serious and diverse roles. That of Salvador Dali, the main male lead of "Little Ashes", and Art in "How to Be". And, winning an award in the latter proved that Robert really is more than just a pretty face.



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