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An Interview with Robert Pattinson

Transitioning from a virtually unknown actor to a huge superstar must be one of the hardest things to do in the world. The competition is stiff and opportunities are scant. That’s why what Robert Pattinson did was hugely amazing. From a relative nobody, he became the heartthrob of millions of women all over the world, all because he was able to nab the role of Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen, if you don’t already know, is the main male protagonist in the hit book series, Twilight. Edward is the oh-so-beautiful vampire who is deeply and madly in love with Bella Swan, a mortal girl who happens to have the most desirable blood. The ones in charge of making the movie had always admitted that finding an actor who could play Edward Cullen was probably the biggest challenge in casting. After all, Edward is described in the book as this god-like, utterly handsome, walking Adonis. And it really is quite hard to live up to a description like that.

The Audition

Pattinson, though, absolutely had the panel enamored when he went to auditions. It was quite a feat, because not only did he have to beat 3,000 other actors to get the role, he also went into the room not knowing what he was getting himself into. He revealed in an interview that he didn’t really know much about the books when he said, "I hadn’t read the books before, so it’s not like I had an opinion. I mean, I had to formulate my own idea of who the guy is." Apparently, though, his rendition of this charming vampire was spot on as he got the part.

Robert’s opinions on Edward

The fans, however, were not so happy with the casting. And many had cried out in protest. Pattinson himself was aware of this and said, "pretty much all of it (the fan’s opinions) initially was just negative about me, so I totally ignore all of that". He gave Edward Cullen his own touch, focusing more on the dark side of Edward, the fact that he’s a vampire and can pretty much snap anytime, rather than on Edward’s ‘handsome teen heartthrob’ persona. Or, as he put it in the interview, "(Edward) is this 108 year old guy who hates himself…".

His understanding of Edward was further enhanced with the author, Stephenie Meyer, sent him a manuscript of Midnight Sun, which is practically the book in Edward’s point of view. Pattinson says, "he (Edward) just sees himself as the biggest moron, and disgusting, and selfish." But then he also touches on how the whole book is narrated in Bella’s point of view. And since she sees Edward as perfect and totally ignores his flaws, then that must be taken into consideration as well. This is what he has aimed to balance, Edward’s Point of View and Bella’s, and it comes out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. Indeed, he and Kristen had aimed to give the whole relationship a more mature take, rather than focus on the whole, in Robert’s words, ‘two teenagers who like each other’ aspect.

Robert Pattinson interview for Twilight movie



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