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New Moon
Role: Edward Cullen
Genre: Romance / Thriller
Status: 20 November 2009
Remember me
Role: Tyler Roth
Genre: Drama / Romance
Status: 12 March 2010
Role: Edward Cullen
Genre: Romance
Status: Filming

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Robert Pattinson Movies

Blessed with that classic chiseled look and smoky deep-set eyes, Robert Pattinson has got to be one of the most good-looking actors in the movie scene. Somebody who was deemed handsome enough to play the part of the “god-like” Edward Cullen has got to be so. Actually, Robert Pattinson’s most famous roles are that of teen heartthrobs. Robert also played Cedric Diggory, Hogwart’s tragic Hufflepuff hero, in the movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, although these two roles have gathered for him a massive amount of fans, Pattinson himself said that he “did not want to get stuck in pretty, public school roles”. And so, proving that he not only has the looks, but also the talent, Robert moved on to play more diverse roles.

Little Ashes

In Little Ashes, Robert Pattinson plays the role of Salvador Dali, an 18-year old aspiring artist in 1922 Madrid. He enters a university and, with his almost bizarre personality, earns him a friendship with the school’s “elite”, Luis Bunel and Frederico Garcia Lorca. At first, they are a trio. But then, Salvador is drawn more and more towards Frederico by a peculiarly strong attraction. Meanwhile, Luis, wanting to find success as an artist, sets off for Paris, leaving Salvador and Frederico to spend the holidays in the quaint town of Cadaques. Cadaques then becomes the setting of a special relationship which – well, let’s just say that it’s the kind that’ll make Bella jealous.

How to Be

Pattinson seems to fancy the role of aspiring artists as he once again takes up the artistic mantle in ‘How to Be’. However, instead of being someone who is bound to be famous like Salvador Dali, this time, Robert plays the role of ‘Art’, who, despite his name, is actually a failure in his chosen field. Believing himself to be an ‘enigmatic poet’, Art is actually a depressed struggling musician with a bleak view on life. When the time comes that he wants to change himself, he turns to a book entitled ‘It’s Not Your Fault’. Inspired and moved, he does not just internalize the contents of the book, he actually goes on to invite the elderly author of the said book to come live with him in his parent’s house. The stage is then set for some wry, almost painful, laughter at the dysfunctions of life, and yet, at the same time, ‘How to Be’ provides a touching take on the pains of growing up.



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