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New Moon
Role: Edward Cullen
Genre: Romance / Thriller
Status: 20 November 2009
Remember me
Role: Tyler Roth
Genre: Drama / Romance
Status: 12 March 2010
Role: Edward Cullen
Genre: Romance
Status: Filming

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New Moon movie

People’s reactions on the Twilight Saga border on the extreme. It’s an ‘either you hate it or you love it’ thing. There’s no middle ground, mainly because it’s everywhere. The Twilight Saga is so popular that you will literally hear about it so much that indifference becomes impossible. Hailed as the next ‘Harry Potter’ series, although many would vehemently argue with this, the Twilight Series have only increased in popularity. And even more so when a Twilight movie was created.

With the sheer success of the book series, the movie was sure to be a blockbuster hit. And many had ordered tickets early on so as to attend the premiere night. Twilight fans were incredibly excited, the haters wanted to watch the movie so they could sneer, and those who were undecided were curious. Everybody was going to the theaters, regardless of their opinions on the books. Opinions still varied after watching the movie, some still hated it, some were transformed into fans. Either way, one thing is for sure: There will be a sequel.

The Plot

Indeed, fans have been waiting in avid anticipation for the sequel, New Moon. New Moon is the second installment in the Twilight Saga. In it, Bella and Edward are separated, as Edward feels the need to distance himself from the one he loves. He poses a threat to Bella’s life and decides that the best way to keep her safe is to leave her.

Meanwhile, Bella, despondent at the loss of the one she loves, meets one Jacob Black. Jacob becomes head over heels in love with Bella, thus forming this crazy love triangle. Bella believes that she loves both and is thoroughly confused. However, when Edward is made to believe that Bella had taken her own life, he decides to follow her and take his own as well. Finding out about this, Edward’s sister tells Bella, believing her to be the only one who can stop what Edward is doing.

The Characters

The cast of characters won’t change much. Jacob Black is going to be played by Taylor Lautner, Bella Swan by the beautiful Kristen Stewart, and Edward Cullen will be played by Robert Pattinson. In the book, Edward does not appear much because of the course of action he decided to take. The makers of this movie, though, promise that there will be more appearances by Edward in New Moon and that we will see Rob Pattinson often.

The Director

The director of the first Twilight movie was Catherine Hardwicke. She was also set to direct the second installment in the Twilight Saga. But when she found out that she had some conflict schedule, she had to back out from the project. She was replaced by Chris Weitz, an Oscar Nominee Director. This has produced quite an uprising from some fans because some believe that males cannot direct romance films. Well, whether that’s true or not, we have yet to know.

The New Moon movie is set to come out this November. See release date for your country.

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