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New Moon
Role: Edward Cullen
Genre: Romance / Thriller
Status: 20 November 2009
Remember me
Role: Tyler Roth
Genre: Drama / Romance
Status: 12 March 2010
Role: Edward Cullen
Genre: Romance
Status: Filming

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Edward might have a short hair in Breaking Dawn
June 27, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson will have a short haircut for the movie "Water for Elephants" and he think about to keep it forever. It will be interesting to see how will fans react as they see Edward with different haircut!

Robert Pattinson finally admitted: "Yes, I am in relationship with Kristen Stewart"
March 05, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson has finally admitted that he is in a relationship with his colleague, actress Kristen Stewart. "It is not easy, we can't appear nowhere together because we make chaos," said Robert.

The first photos of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse leaked
March 01, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

Interest in the 'Eclipse', the third film continuing saga 'Twilight', grows from month to month, and have recently emerged and the first pictures from that, there is no doubt, the movie will be major hit.

Robert Pattinson is thrilled with Pierce Brosnan
February 18, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson said he enjoyed filming the movie 'Remember Me' because he got a chance to work with Pierce Brosnan. Rob Pattinson says that Brosnan gave him a few tips about the fans.

Pre-order The Twilight Saga:New Moon DVD
February 01, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

The 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' DVD is already available for ordering at Amazon. Visit this page: Click here to buy products related to Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was offered to record music album
January 29, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson is pressured to try in music business. Last in a series of bids Pattinson received from Simon Cowell, head of the popular 'American Idol' jury. See in the article how Robert responded on offers..

Robert Pattinson's next partner in the movie will be Reese Witherspoon
January 23, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson will play a new role with the Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon. Acting the role of Jacob, who works in a circus. The film will be called 'Water for Elephants'.

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' will start to film this fall
January 13, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

The popular vampire saga for women and teenagers doesn't intend to stop - filming of the next sequal will start in August. In 'Breaking Dawn' we can expect half vampire and half human baby which is why we can expect that this sequal will have more CGI effects.

People's Choice Awards - 'Twilight' Won 4 Trophies
January 07, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

The vampire hit movie 'Twilight' with four trophies won was an absolute winner of the People's Choice awards in Los Angeles. Read more about awards in the article..

'Eclipse' Will Be a Frightening Spectacle
January 01, 2010, posted by Tran | Article, News

Bryce Dallas Howard, a young actress who has replaced the red-haired Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria, announces that the third part of 'Twilight saga' will be filled with exciting scenes and actions. The fans of this vampire series will be breathless.

Robert Pattinson - One of People�s 25 Most Intriguing People of 2009
December 17, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson has a place on the list of People magazine as one of the person who marked 2009. year. Apart from the favorite teen actors from 'Twilight saga', there are also listed 25 intriguing public figures like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Boyle and Britney Spears.

Robert Pattinson Is Charismatic and Rebellious - Rachel Weisz talking
December 15, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Neither Rachel Weisz, 39-year-old British actress, is not immune to the charm of the star of 'Twilight saga' Robert Pattinson, and says that he delighted her. Beautiful Rachel said that she can't wait to meet Robert.

Robert Pattinson Is MTV News' #6 Man Of The Year
December 15, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

MTV News is announcing their top nine men and women of 2009. The list started with Eminem on 9th, Drake on 8th, Kanye west on 7th place. Today, they revealed that Rob is #6 on their list!

Watch the video for more info:

MTV Shows

Robert Pattinson Claims That He Is Single!
December 10, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Rob gave interview to Vanity Fair. It was interesting! :) Specifically, the question about relationship with his colleague from the movie Twilight Kristen Stewart, Robert said that he is still single and added: "Almost everything written about my private life was inaccurate." Read the rest in the article..

British decided: Everyone would like to kiss Pattinson and Cheryl Cole
December 09, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

The results of the survey conducted because of placing the largest branches of mistletoe in the world at the terminal 5 on London Heathrow Airport, have shown that the most girls would preferre to kiss the stare of "Twilight saga" Robert Pattinson and the boys would like to kiss Cheryl Cole, from the band Girls Aloud.

Robert Pattinson as John Lennon in a film 'Yellow submarine'
December 04, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Although rumors began to circulate that Robert Pattinson will play John Lennon in a film about the famous Beatles, 'Yellow submarine', an official confirmation has not arrived. Star magazine in a recent interview with Robert announced negotiations between actor and producer Robert Zemeckis. Read more in article!

Remember Me Poster Released
December 02, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

The official poster for Robert Pattinson�s movie Remember Me which will be released on March 12 2010, has just been released.

New Moon Stars on Jimmy Kimmel Show
November 26, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

See the recent performance of the 'New moon' stars in a humorous show with Jimmy Kimmela and learn new things about Kristen, Robert and Taylor. See videos!

Rob on MTV and Twitter
November 23, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Rob talked with MTV. You can watch video where Robert is talking about Remember me and Eclipse. Also we are covering what is Robert saying on official Twilight Twitter account.

Remember Me Movie Trailer
November 20, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Today on YouTube we found the trailer for the Robert Pattinson film Remember Me, the US release date is March 12th 2010. Watch the trailer now! :)

New Moon Los Angeles Premiere Video
November 17, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

We are bringing to you awesome news! You can watch the streaming live video from the L.A. Premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, see interviews with Robert and pictures from this event! Read more in this article..

Robert Pattinson Wins Prom King at BBC Switch Live Awards 2009
November 16, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Watch the video where Robert Pattinson is named Prom King at the BBC Switch Live Awards 2009. The winners were voted by the public, and the awards celebrate the best of BRITISH talent from the past year.

New Moon Munich Event Video and Photos
November 14, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

New Moon stars Kristen, Robert and Taylor were in Munich, Germany to present �New Moon� during the HVB youth event at the Olympic Hall, watch video and some photos from this event!

New Moon Munich Event

Robert Pattinson presents New Moon all around the world
November 12, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson was in Paris, London, Madrid and another cities to promote New Moon movie! We added four videos where you can watch how Rob is promoting - New Moon!

NEW Video Interviews with Robert
November 7, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Access Hollywood has posted two parts of their video interview with Robert! We also covered videos from MTV and Entertainment Tonight. Open the article and watch videos. :)

OK!: Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Split
October 28, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

After months of media speculation about the alleged relationship of the main star actors of 'Twilight saga' Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, an American magazine OK! came to an exclusive discovery - the couple ended the love affair.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart live together
October 21, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Young actors, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart live together, sharing a luxury apartment while filming the set of the third part of Twilight saga in Vancouver.

New Moon Soundtrack - will be published earlier?!
October 13, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Due to unprecedented pressure, record label Chop Shop / Atlantic changed the release date of the soundtrack for the movie 'New Moon'. Probably, the soundtrack will be out four days earlier than the initial date.

Nikki Reed: Jacob would be better for Bella than Edward
October 13, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Nikki Reed, a beautiful actress who is Rosalie Hale in the 'Twilight' saga, was recently revealed that she is a member of Team Jacob.

Taylor Lautner confirmed: Robert and Kristen won't come to Scream awards
October 13, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News


Although it was expected that Robert and Kristen will come to this year's awards ceremony Scream, at the last moment it was confirmed that they won't.

A documentary film about Robert Pattinson?!
October 7, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

The production company Revolver bought the rights for filming a documentary film about Robert Pattinson and the phenomenon of 'Twilight'! According to some announcements, the film should appear on DVD in November this year.

Robert Pattinson in a role of Prince Harry?
October 6, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Peter Kosminsky soon will begin the shooting of the film about Prince Harry, and the rumour is that the main role could get Robert Pattinson. In the "game" is also Rupert Grint, we know him from the movies about Harry Potter.

Take a sweet bite of Twilight chocolate
October 2, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Everything connected with the movie 'Twilight' is sold out without any problems. On American shelves everyone can find a variety of pastries with favorite movie characters. Read more..

Robert and Kristen aren't hiding their relationship anymore
October 1, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, according to well informed sources from the set of the movie Eclipse, the third sequal of Twilight saga, aren't hiding their relationship anymore. Read more in the article..

New Moon posters
September 30, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

We bring you new interesting 'new moon' posters where you can see Edward, Jacob and Bella!

Robert Pattinson couldn't find the Twilight book in London
September 29, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Speaking about his role in 'Twilight', Robert said to one journalists that he had trouble finding the book 'Twilight' in Britain. The book was sold in millions of copies and in London Robert couldn't find one.

Robert Pattinson enjoys in Vancouver nightlife
September 27, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Looking a bit worn down because of a long day, Robert Pattinson was spotted making his way back to his hotel in Vancouver on Saturday night (September 26).

Eclipse movie set photos and INFO
September 27, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Judging by the statements of Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, the one thing we can be sure when the film Eclipse is the issue and that is that fans can expect more darker and bloodier movie.

New photos from the set of New Moon movie
September 22, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

American premiere of "New Moon" movie will be in 58 days and interest for one of the most important movie sequels is getting higher and higher. After the exclusive new trailer take a look at pictures from the set of "New Moon" movie.

The new movie trailer for 'New Moon'
September 15, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Exclusive trailer of the movie 'New Moon' appeared on YouTube. Check out the video!

Robert Pattinson doesn't take steroids
September 15, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Kristen Stewart said that her fellow actor, and as rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson � doesn't take steroids.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner showing The New Moon Trailer At The MTV VMAs!
September 14, 2009, posted by Tran | Article, News

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, heroes of the Twilight Saga appeared on MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's) where they promoted the new sequal "New Moon".

Read more news about Robert...


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