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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The problem with translating a book into a movie is living up to the book’s requirements. While movies are bound by the limits of the available technology, books are bound only by the writer’s imagination. The writer can write about pigs not only flying but actually traversing the universe in warpspeed while yodeling without having to worry about budget constraints. More often than not, movies derived from books leave fans, especially the readers, wanting. And even though books and movies are two different mediums and there are bound to be irregularities, there will always be the inevitable comparison between the two. This is why, when the Twilight movie was announced, the millions of fans all over the world were left apprehensive. After all, who could live up to the pristine perfection of Edward and Bella?

There is no doubt that the biggest concern about the Twilight movie when it first came out was whether Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could live up to their roles as Edward and Bella. In the books, these two characters had so much chemistry that you could practically feel the sparks when their eyes met. It’s incredibly hard to imagine two actual human beings to pull that off. But when the movie came out, all doubts were dispelled as Robert and Kristen actually showed such amazing chemistry that it was actually hard to imagine that they weren’t really in love with each other. Fans were ecstatic about their performance, and Robert and Kristen were automatically pushed into the role of teen movie idols.

These two, whose careers were just budding before they signed up for the Twilight Movie, rose to superstardom so fast that it probably left them more than dizzy. And to be honest, they deserve it. Their acting was superb and they managed to make a larger-than-life love story believable, sparkles and all. Robert and Kristen are once again filming the second movie of the Twilight Saga, and are expected to be with the series until it ends. However, much to the despair and even anger of avid Twilight fans, Robert and Kristen are rumored to "want out" of the whole Twilight fiasco. Rumor says that these two have been doing anything and everything in their power to escape their contracts, with Robert bashing the book’s author, Stephenie Mayer, on screen, and Kristen actually smoking Marijuana in public. Then again, it’s difficult to know whether or not these rumors are actually true and I guess the best thing we can do is to let the second movie speak for itself.

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